Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009

Spring is in full swing on the farm! This month we have been sharing our latest big news: we are expecting our third child! Tonya is doing well and in her 14th week. She is due in late Oct/early November. We will be finding out the sex in June, and will let you know then!

April has been a "dirty" month! We have had lots of rain, which means lots of mud on clothing and shoes every time the boys go out. Micah loves to make messes even when he's inside! Ravioli is a favorite to wear all over him.

There isn't a problem with these boys' appetites! With warmer weather comes more activity and lots more to eat!

The boys got in on the Easter festivities this year. At a friend's birthday party, they had an egg hunt, Micah's first! Micah did a great job putting his eggs in his basket.

Josiah was very proud of his finds too! He hunted the eggs all by himself and had to learn not to be greedy!

The Dixon grandsons had an egg decorating party at Grammy's house as well. After painting their eggs they got to hide and look for them outside. The best part was getting goodie bags to take home when it was finished!
Our family on Easter morning. It was a bit chilly, high in the 60's and windy, but we managed to huddle together for a quick picture before going to church!

Micah got to meet the latest pigs in our friend's pig barns this month. He was followed around by the piglets and loved the fun!
The end of April started strawberry season in our area! We have strawberry pie every week! The boys were willing to share some with their cousin Kinzie one night at the end of a play date at our house
Tonya is working hard to maintain her flower beds this spring. It gets difficult when there are two little boys and four large dogs running around in our yard, but keeps her hopping. We just started planting our garden for the spring as well, in the back yard. It will be fun to get the boys involved in planting and harvesting now that they are a little older.