Sunday, March 19, 2006

Josiah Davis is Born

It's a boy! Josiah Davis Dixon was born March 14, 2006 and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches tall. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. Mom and Dad agree that he has Dad's chin and mouth, and may have Mom's eyes and ears. Whether or not he has the "Dixon nose" is still under debate. We do know that by the size of his feet, he will be a very tall boy one day!
While in the hospital, Josiah earned the nickname "Tweetie" by some of the nurses in the nursery, since he has a piece of hair that sticks up like Tweetie bird on Looney Toons.

We stayed in the hospital five days and four nights. It was a good time of adjustment for the whole family. Tonya was able to get up and walk around the morning following Josiah's c-section delivery, but it took a while to recover from the 3 almost sleepless nights while she was in labor.

Josiah was brought into the room to nurse during the night, but the nursery kept him between feedings so Mommy and Daddy could get some sleep. At one point during the first night Tonya and Josiah fell asleep at the same time during a feeding and he stayed with her in bed until they woke up a couple hours later. It was a precious time.

Josiah has been born into a farming family, so he naturally has already gotten many tractor clothes and toys. Here he is fashioning a cap and booties Kris' cousin gave as a baby gift.

Here is the happy family outside our hospital room. It overlooks the city of Bangkok. We recieved very good service and care during our time there.

Kris loved having Josiah sleep next to him in the fold out bed in the hospital room. He is always anxious for him to wake up and be alert enough to play (when he isn't crying!)

We found out just how small Josiah was when he put on his going home outfit and he nearly drowned in it! He has already gained weight in the first week so we think he will quickly grow into his clothes.

Here we are waiting to go back to the guest house in Bangkok.

Getting into the taxi

Josiah's first crib. We will stay at the guest house until his American passport is ready in a few weeks and we can fly back to Nepal. In the meantime, we are enjoying air conditioning and good food! Josiah is lying next to a couple of his newest gifts from Grandmother Dixon: baby's first bunny and a hat that says "My Grandpa drives John Deere".

Josiah is 9 days old in this picture. He likes to lay back on Mom or Dad's legs and be bounced when he's fussy, which is usually between the hours of 7 pm and 3 am!