Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 2009

What a fun July it's been! We got to celebrate the 4th of July in a fun way this year- Chuckie Cheese and fireworks! The boys loved playing on the rides and then we watched fireworks at a local elementary school until bedtime. It was a fun outing!

Micah wanted to ride Clifford first. He just loves doggies!

The boys didn't leave out the playground in Chuckie Cheese either. Up and down the slides they went!

This month the boys got to become new roommates! We got them bunk beds and were amazed at how quickly they adjusted. They love sharing a room and sleep so well, having the same schedules now. Here they are with Kris, reading a book before going to bed.

Micah also got to be promoted from his high chair and is now eating on a bar stool with the rest of us for meals. That takes away time from Tonya, since she can't let him sit for half an hour watching us quietly, since now he has to be reminded to sit back down to finish, since he's very active!

Here is Tonya at 24 weeks. Baby is growing quickly, and she is still feeling the toll he is taking on her back every day. Lots of kicks and squirms can be felt every day, and the boys love talking to him and trying to get him to respond to them!

We have had several dinner guests this month, since Kris is not in the field and is usually around at dinner time to visit with friends. Patrick Lewis, Kris' good friend from college, and his wife Tara, came with their son Lincoln for an afternoon visit while in the area. Lincoln is only a couple weeks younger than Micah, so they had a fun time together.

Micah had a great 2nd Birthday this month. We had 18 of Kris' family members over for a meal and cake on the 18th and had a "big" time! The party theme was dogs since Micah loves dogs right now, and never goes anywhere without his stuffed doggy.

Here are the boys before the party, getting excited on their bunk beds. No jumping guys!

Josiah helped Tonya decorate party favors the day before the party: dog bone cookies!

Here is Micah in his seat of honor with balloons at his party.

Opening presents was fun until he got some really cool presents he didn't want to leave to finish opening what was left!

Our family with Micah's Doggie cake

Kris with his Grandmother Mathis and Gran Dixon

Micah got to go to McDonalds for ice cream on his actual birthday, since he loves eating it so much!

Getting ready to blow out the candles. Let's eat, Daddy!

Blowing candles together- it's a tough job!

Micah out on his bubble blowing lawnmower he got as a birthday gift. He now makes rounds just like Mommy and does a great job!

After cake and ice cream, the kids went outside with the dads and got dirty! Micah came back in briefly to play with balloons. This is so much fun!

On his birthday Micah opened presents from Kris and Tonya. He loved getting his own John Deere fleece blanket that Tonya put together for him

This month was bean and corn harvest in our garden! Josiah loved going to the garden by himself with a bucket and filling it up for Tonya, since her back couldn't handle lots of picking at a time. Here he is with his Grammy picking beans for her to cook for guests.

We went to a pool party thrown by friends in our Sunday School class this month as well. Josiah absolutely loved the water, and learned some basics in swimming! This was Micah's first time in an outdoor pool, and Josiah's first since we lived in Nepal and he was an infant. Micah wasn't as fond of the cool water since it was cloudy and in the 70's that night.

Micah did love playing in the backyard and eating with his friends. Parties are fun!

Before we left, all the kids of the three couples left decided to watch cartoons as we continued to talk into the night.

Look Mommy, more beans! Josiah loves gardening. Next year Tonya's planning on hiring him to do all the work for her!


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