Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nathanael Elliot's first days

Nathanael's first week has been an exciting and exhausting one! Here is Kris with all the boys together, watching TV before bedtime.

This is the first picture of Nathanael with his eyes opened!

Josiah's first picture with his baby brother. He was so proud to get to hold him and his face shows it all!

The first picture of our family of 5! Micah was pretty unsure about this little baby mommy showed him, but after we got home he really warmed up to him and doesn't seem jealous.

"Grammy" Dixon holding Nathanael for the first time.

Cousin Kinzie holding Nathanael. He calls him "Josiah's baby"!

Aunt Leah holding Nathanael in the hospital.

Kris' Gran and Grandad Dixon with Nathanael.

Kris' Dad and Gran Dixon. Nathanael's "Big Daddy" as he likes to be called, doesn't feel comfortable holding his grandchildren when they are this small, but will be sure to give him lots of rides in the tractor and combine when he gets bigger!

Nathanael at one day old, looking around in his "box". At one day he was already turning his head to Kris and Tonya's voices when we were nearby. He is very alert for a newborn!

Nathanael loves to cuddle and be rolled up in a little ball. He is so small he can fit in one arm!

Josiah holding his new baby brother. He fits the role perfectly!

Nathanael taking a nap on Daddy's chest.

A first picture of his little gassy grins he often gives!

Dr. Christenson delivered Nathanael and was very attentive to Tonya throughout the pregnancy. He has been a blessing to us!

Time to go home! Josiah wore this same outfit, but it fit him a little better!

Getting ready to take baby home.

Micah and "Baby Nate" as he calls him. They stared at eachother for minutes!

Kris' mom is helping out with the older boys during the day, but gets to steal a few minutes of cuddling with Nathanael when she can!

The boys got to recieve a "big brother" gift when we came home. Kris' aunt and uncle offered us a gator that their grandchildren had outgrown, so we decided to let them have it when Nathanael came home so they felt special too. Josiah is a great driver, and Micah gladly sits in the passenger seat!

Nathanael at three days old, in his swing. He sleeps here during the day in the living room so everyone can watch him. He sleeps very well during the day, waking up every 2-3 hours to eat, but at night it's a different story! He has gas, despite taking Mylicon, so gets rocked and comforted until he's so tired he falls asleep between 2 and 4 am. Fortunately he sleeps for several hours in the morning so Tonya can sleep too!


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