Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 2007

June is a great month to get dirty! Well, at least the boys in our family feel that way. Josiah is ready to go with Kris to the field after breakfast. Now that he is older, he can go for longer stretches and Tonya gets more peace in the house! His shirt says "Dirt Magnet" by the way. "Bear" comes with him everywhere; they are best friends.

Micah's personality is coming out more and more this month. He loves to laugh and wants to be just like all of us. He keeps slimming down- his check-up this last month showed him in the 75% for height and 25% for weight!

This year our church did the theme "Outrigger Island" for Vacation Bible School. Tonya taught 3-4 grade kids and Josiah got to go to the nursery for his first VBS. We had a great time and the kids learned lots of truths from God's Word. Several made professions of faith and we are following up with them this month.

For our VBS kickoff there was a cookout and rented inflatable toys for the kids in our church parking lot. Josiah proved himself very agile for his age, climbing up ladders and going down big slides all by himself. He cried when they had to pack it up because the kickoff was over!

Micah has a fascination with all toys that have wheels. He loves riding push toys around the house as long as Josiah isn't trying to knock him off out of jealousy!

The boys are TRYING to learn how to share. One minute they love playing together and the next Micah makes a move for something he wants and Josiah screams "NOOO!" and body slams him.

Here is our sweet baby boy. He loves baths now, especially when he can play in running water. Micah says "mama, dada, and bye bye" and indicates by certain grunts and sounds when he wants to eat, get a cup, or take a nap.

Josiah had his first big accident this month, when he fell off the couch and his teeth went through his lip. We took him to the ER where he was very still for the doctor and got a liquid bandage applied. He cried "Mommy....!" through the whole procedure which made Tonya cry more than him. He got a fat lip and lots of spoiling following the trip, and is recovering quickly!


At 3:42 AM, Blogger Marley said...

Hey! Love the pics! Your boys are growing! Miss you so much! LS


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