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Christmas 2007

Christmas is here! Josiah was amazed at the beauty of the Christmas season. He first noticed the "big tee!" (tree) going up in our living room and "helped" Kris assemble it. Next were the lights and ornaments that had to be touched and held. He learned about Nativity scenes displayed in homes and church and could tell us baby Jesus' name by the end of December! Here he is getting his first Christmas card from his Grandma and Grandpa VanKampen in SC

Micah may have been amazed by Christmas tree lights, but this month he was more excited about baby food! New tastes excite him when he likes them, especially when he first tried carrots, in this picture!

Our boys got spoiled rotten with presents this Christmas. The festivities started on Christmas Eve and finished on the 30th. Josiah woke up excited on Christmas morning as we got him up to show him his presents!

Micah was also excited about Christmas! He woke up happy and couldn't wait to sink his gums into some wrapping paper! Toys were interesting, but the paper was more tasty!

Here are the three guys in our family with their Christmas presents.

After opening presents at our house, we went to Kris' parents. It was a John Deere Christmas for Josiah and Micah of course! Lots of tractors, tractor books, and even John Deere clothes awaited them.

After another Christmas party with Kris' Grandparents, we went on to Michigan, arriving at 2:30 AM on the 26th. Micah met many more relatives for the first time. Here he is with his aunt Cathy.

Micah's Great Grandma VanKampen loved holding and cuddling with him. He was the 21st Great Grandchild born, and two more have been born since him!

Micah enjoyed seeing his Great Grandpa Breuker again too.

Micah with Great Grandma Breuker

Josiah got his first taste of playing in the snow. He caught on to making snow balls very quickly and laughed as he threw them at mommy and daddy!

Here are the boys with their two cousins on Tonya's side: Sydney (2) and Alex (4 months)

Here are the five Great-Grandchildren (all boys!) born on the VanKampen side this year. Micah was #3 and his cousin Alex was #5!

This is a picture of all 23 Great Grandchildren of Grandma VanKampen. The family keeps growing every year!

After 3 days in Michigan we drove to South Carolina to spend 3 more days with Tonya's parents and sister. Josiah and Micah loved the attention and grew attached to their Grandma and Grandpa VanKampen.

Sydney and Josiah also got along very well. They became partners in crime though, having screaming contests, playing in places where they shouldn't be, and making lots of mess with toys! Josiah got a four-wheeler from his Uncle Randy and let Sydney ride along for a while.

Tonya's brother Randy got to meet Micah for the first time too. They share the same middle name since they were both named after Grandpa Breuker. Randy only got to visit for a few hours before going home but we all enjoyed the time we got to spend with him.

Sydney wants to be a helper when it comes to babies. Here brother Alex isn't on cereal yet, but she did a great job feeding her cousin Micah when given the chance! On New Years day, after a visit to Cathy and her family, we returned to Kentucky for a week of preparation for our mission trip to Toronto,Canada! Our next posting will be about the first weeks of our trip. We are so excited to see what God will do!


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Marsha said...

Looks like the Dixon Family had a wonderful Christmas. We will be praying for you as you leave for Canada on January 12th.
Love and Prayers,
Tommie and Marsha Pearce


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