Wednesday, December 12, 2007

November/December 2007

The Christmas season is in full swing! We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with Kris' Dad's family and Micah got to wear the Thanksgiving outfit Josiah wore a year ago! A year ago this week we found out we were pregnant with him. How quickly a year flies by! We have so much to be thankful for.

Josiah had a few days to play in the leaves in our front yard before the rains came to bring in cold weather.

Micah was 25 3/4" and 13 lb 14 oz at his 4 month checkup. His height is great but according to his doctor he is a couple pounds behind what his weight should be. So we started cereal and he loved it! He eats 4 good sized feedings a day besides his normal milk feedings. We can already see he's getting chunkier after a couple of weeks!

Josiah has developed a love of hats. Wherever we go, he insists on wearing every hat he can find in the house, including Santa hats, Kris or Tonya's hats, ect. He is very proud of himself that he can put them on alone too!

Kris' Grandmother Mathis came for a visit to his Mom's house and got some pictures with Micah. Micah is showing himself to be shy, a complete opposite of Josiah! He will smile and laugh for Kris or Tonya, but is almost too bashful to smile much for people he doesn't know well. At least he isn't crying when they hold him!

Josiah is getting along better with Micah as he gets to play with him more. On a cold night he decided Micah needed lots of blankets, clothes, and burp clothes, so took all of them out of his dresser and put them on top of him! Micah didn't know what to think about it but Josiah was pleased with his work!

Micah is starting to discover he has feet! He loves to play games with wiggles, kisses, and tickles.

Josiah has found a new way to pass time in the house: coloring! He draws on his paper when Mommy is watching, but tries to sneak in some art work on walls and tables when no one is looking too!

Micah is now able to entertain himself for periods of time with toys. He will put anything into his mouth that is handed to him!

Josiah's favorite creative activity is with blocks. He has made towers taller than himself out of jumbo lego-type blocks and always wants Mommy or Daddy to join in the fun. Here he is playing at his Grandmother Dixon's house with brissle blocks, which belonged to Kris when he
was little.

Micah and Kinzie, his cousin, are fascinated with eachother when we visit. We are already prediciting that Micah will be the easy-going follower and Josiah and Kinzie will decide what they will do when they are bigger and play together!

This is a favorite picture of Micah and Kris' mom. We look forward to having a great first memorable Christmas with him this year!


At 12:42 PM, Blogger Marley said...

Love the photos, and catching up! My lady misses you very much.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger kd said...

I look forward to coming for a visit soon - next semester I plan on traveling more as I didn't get much of anywhere this semester! Love you! Wishing you and Kris a very Merry Christmas. I love you and miss ya girl - especially since you are only 4 hours away!


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