Monday, November 19, 2007

November 2007

Fall has fallen in Western Kentucky! Leaves are up to Josiah's knees under some of the big maple trees at the farm. It's hard to believe that last year he was just learning to crawl when he played in them!

Josiah and Micah are getting "closer" all the time! Josiah likes to share everything with Micah, which is good in some ways and bad in others! When he hands him a rattle or talks to him to keep him company, it is good, but when he decides to throw him a toy car or jump on top of him to play, it is bad!

Halloween was fun for all of us this year! Tonya, Josiah and Micah went with Kris' mom, sister-in law Leah, and her son Kinzie to First Baptist Church in Fulton to have fun with games and fellowship. Josiah enjoyed all the games, and especially the "Canny!" (candy), but didn't know what to think about the strange looking costumes of other children and adults. Micah took in all the sights without a complaint, strapped onto Tonya.

Micah was able to fit into Josiah's pumpkin outfit from last Halloween.

Josiah was a farmer this year, complete with overalls and a John Deere cap (which he didn't like wearing!)

All the excitement wore Micah out! He is still sleeping very well these days, with three good naps during the day and 10 hours of sleep at night! We couldn't ask for anything better!

Josiah loves flowers lately. We are keeping a Hybiscus plant in the mud room for the winter, so he gets to pick flowers and bring them to Micah so he can sniff them too.

Micah is learning to use his hands this month. He plays with toys, puts things in his mouth, and loves sucking on his fingers (instead of pacifiers!). He is rolling from his tummy to his back too!

Josiah with his favorite playing buddy, Anna. They have become the famous duo at the church nursery. This picture reminds me of the photo "Been farming long?"


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

Once again, I can see from the pictures how God is blessing your family. The boys say it all.

Much love and Many Prayers,


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