Wednesday, October 24, 2007

September to October 2007

This has been another busy month in Kentucky! October 4th we celebrated our 4th anniversary at the Rosewood Inn Bed and Breakfast in Paducah, KY. We stayed in the same room we were in last year and enjoyed it just as much! After breakfast it was back home and to work for both of us though.

Micah keeps growing and changing. He bats at objects with his hands now and sucks on his fingers. He will hold a rattle and play with it when it is handed to him too. At three months he is talking up a storm, but usually doesn't do it unless we are singing to him or is playing with a toy!

Kris' mom still comes to our house when we are in a pinch, to help watch the boys and/or help Tonya when she needs to do heavy cleaning or yard work. They love the attention and she loves the freedom to get things done!

Josiah is in a "kissy" mood this month! Here he is kissing his brother, something he does several times a day. At 19 months he is learning new words every day. He is awful possesive of his little brother, though. At the church nursery he stands between Micah and other children and says "My Mock"! (Mock is his name for Micah)

Josiah is wanting to be just like Mommy and Daddy too. He tries on our shoes in the house, saying "mine!" and tries to sweep, mow, vaccuum, ect. just like us.

Micah is learning to love bathtime. He smiles big while he gets dried off and dressed in his pajamas. We think he has it figured out: after baths come milk!

Micah gets more and more playful all the time too. He loves watching his mobile and carseat toy and talks to them more than to us!

Tonya's Grandma and Grandpa Breuker came from Michigan for a visit from Oct 19-22. We really enjoyed having them, and they seemed pretty happy playing with 2 of their 5 great-grandchildren too!

Great-Grandpa (Jay) Breuker has something special in common with Micah! Micah Jay is his namesake! We know that Micah will treasure these photos as he gets older.

Here is our family before going to church on Sunday morning.

This is another special photo. Josiah's middle name is Davis, a family name started by Great-Grandad Dixon's father, Davis Dixon. This may be the only photo that will have Josiah and Micah sitting together with the Great-Grandfathers they share names with!


At 11:32 AM, Blogger Marsha said...

Hi Dixons,
We just love it when we check the blog and find new pictures. So glad parents and great-grandparents can be there to share. These are the days memories are made of.
Love and Prayers,
Marsha Pearce

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Marsha said...

We always enjly seeing when new pictures are posted on your blog. I am glad you can have parents and great-grandparents in pictures. These are what memories are made of.
Love and Prayers,
Marsha Pearce


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