Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 2008

April has been a very busy month for our family. Not only is the weather beautiful enough to go outside and work in the yard, play with the boys, and plant a garden, but Kris has been very busy in the field. Tonya celebrated her birthday on the 14th as well. Kris went early in the morning to Walmart to buy the mix, made a cake at his mom's house, then decorated it when he came in for lunch! Josiah helped decorate and consume the results too!

Josiah has loved planting season. He asks daily "Ride big tractor?" He sits patiently in the buddy seat with Kris and loves to "help" Daddy work. Micah gets turns as well, but wears out quickly and wants to go home for naps.

Speaking of worn out, Micah is always falling asleep on rides to the field to deliver Kris meals! You can tell we are a John Deere family: the boys wear their caps and Micah only chews on John Deere corn!

Micah is 9 months now, and is finding new things to do all the time. He pulls up and explores lots of toys and books. When he puts things in his mouth that he shouldn't, Josiah comes to him saying "No No Micah Jay" and pulls it away. Micah has an obsession with balls. His whole body wiggles with excitement when he sees someone playing with one. He loves basketball hoops too!

Micah loves being big! He plays in his Johnny Jump Up but with lots of supervision since Josiah wants to jump with him!

"I love cameras!" Micah is so photogenic at this age. Just turn on the camera and he strikes a pose!

Josiah is very active as usual! He loves to play in his sandbox and go down his slide when outdoors. He yells "eight, nine, ten!" and slides down.

The tulips, pansies, irises and azaleas are in full bloom in our yard. Both boys love to pick (and in Micah's case eat) whatever they can get their hands on!

Tonya's good friend Kim came for a surprise visit for Tonya's birthday! She spent the weekend and we had lots of fun doing "girl stuff". It was great to have an old friend and other girl around for a couple days!


At 6:17 PM, Blogger kd said...

So glad i could come - thank you Kris. Hope things are getting back to normal around there. Looking forward to a visit in the fall.


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