Monday, March 24, 2008

March 2008

March started out cold upon returning from Canada. The snow followed us all the way home! We got 6" of snow one day and the boys, along with their cousin Kinzie, got to ride a plastic sled pulled behind the Gator. They had a big time!

Micah is ready to go outside!

We took this picture of Micah with his Great-Grandma VanKampen on our way back from Canada. We visited two nights and one day in Michigan and got to visit Tonya's Grandparents and some other family members.

Here is Josiah with his Great Grandpa Breuker. We enjoyed spending time with him and Grandma Breuker. Josiah loved getting spoiled with candy and treats from all his Great Grandparents.

Micah is now 8 months old. He loves playing with toys and is beginning to crawl, but it is backwards right now! He is most interested in toys with wheels, especially the green and yellow ones (I wonder why?)

Josiah celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 14th. Tonya made him a barn cake with barnyard cupcakes to enjoy. He loved tasting the frosting, but more so the candy decorations on the cupcakes! His big presents this year were a slide, toy combine, and a sandbox. This month he has gotten into drawing with crayons. Artwork is all over the house (it's a good thing they are washable). He is talking in sentances now too, saying things every day that make us

Micah has enjoyed exploring the great outdoors on warm days this month. He enjoys the grass too much though. Every time he gets a hold of it he eats it!

Kris celebrated his 30th birthday on March 15th. He wasn't too happy about becoming "old" but said it wasn't so bad when he got his favorite kind of cake and some new "toys" for his presents.

The boys are getting to play together more and more as they get older. Kris took them on a wagon ride down the road on a warm evening and they loved it!

Micah Jay, looking as cute as a button. He continues to be easy going and fun-natured. The only thing he doesn't tolerate is when Josiah takes his toys away or is too rough playing with him! We cherish every memory we make with our boys. They are growing up so fast!


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

Happy birthday to Josiah and to Kris. 2 sounds good, but 30 well ??? Ha Ha. So glad to know you are home from Canada and doing well.

Love and Prayers,
Marsha Pearce


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