Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Micah's first week

Here is Micah Jay while we were still in the hospital. On the 22nd we were discharged, since Tonya and he were doing well. He still sleeps most of the time and rarely cries. We do manage to get a picture or two in when he wakes up though!

Micah's uncle Kyle and aunt Leah with his cousin Kinzie, born just 7 weeks ago in the same hospital!

Kris is very proud to have a second son. He can't wait to have two boys to rough around with soon!

A picture taken shortly before leaving the hospital. Micah slept all the way home and seemed to like his car seat.

Here we are leaving the hospital. We recieved great treatment from all the staff and enjoyed getting to know the nurses.

Micah sleeping in the pack and play in our bedroom. He will stay here until he sleeps better through the night. Then Josiah will get to move to our "John Deere" (spare) bedroom and Micah will move into the nursery.

Kris' Gran Dixon holding Micah on our porch during a visit the day after we came home.

Micah in his swing. He hasn't needed it much at all since he sleeps so well! At 5 days old, he is finally staying awake after some daytime feedings to interact with others. Josiah offered him his favorite bear blanky yesterday and brought him a burp cloth this morning. He always asks to see the "beba" when he wakes up in the morning and after naps. We are so blessed to have two happy healthy little boys!


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