Friday, June 29, 2007

June 2007

This month we are waiting out the last weeks of Tonya's pregnancy with L.B.! When asked to "love the baby brother" Josiah will stroke Tonya's tummy or put his head on it like a pillow. He has no idea what is coming up in a couple weeks!

Kris is enjoying rough housing with Josiah as he gets bigger. He often climbs on Kris' back while he does his push-ups and rides him like a horse! It gives Kris a tougher workout, and Josiah loves the game!

At the beginning of June, Josiah finally started walking on his own! Within a couple days he went from crawling or walking with help to exclusive walking. We were very proud!

June was a busy month of wheat harvest and planting beans. Josiah got lots of rides with his Grandaddy Dixon, Daddy, and Uncle Kyle (pictured here) during this time. He rarely wanted to get out of the tractor or combine and was content to sit in the "buddy seat" next to the driver and focus on the work at hand. He knows more of the buttons and switches now that Tonya!

This is the view from one side of our backyard. Since we've gotten several inches of rain over two weeks, the corn and beans are no longer critically dry! The fields all around our house look beautiful and green now. God has been so good to bless with rain at just the right time.

Kris loved having Josiah ride with him in the field and Josiah cried whenever the ride was over. He loves spending time with Daddy, especially when it's outside and in a tractor or combine!

We spent a Saturday afternoon at Columbus State Park which is on the Mississippi River. Josiah loves the slides and wide open spaces to play to his heart's content!

Father's Day was a special day for all of us, but especially Kris. Josiah gave him a John Deere Father's Day card which he loved, and Tonya cooked him his favorite meals for breakfast and lunch.

Tonya is now full term in her pregnancy, and waiting for L.B.'s arrival. Kris took her out to dinner for a last date before baby makes his debut soon. Very soon our lives will be much busier, but we still can't wait! At her last Dr's visit, both baby and mommy are still healthy, but because of Tonya's history with a rough labor ending up with a c-section with Josiah, her doctor has recommended a C-section one week before her due date (which is July 25) if she doesn't show signs of impending labor by then.

"One, two, three ducks!" Josiah's new game in the bathtub is one of counting his rubber duckies over and over again. He never grows tired of it!

This if a view of the front yard this month. The grass is once again green due to the rain and the flowers are flourishing again! Tonya has really enjoyed growing many types of flowers and watching them beautify our yard. Josiah has learned how to smell flowers, but likes to pick them even more!

Ready to mow! Josiah loves rides on the lawnmower almost as much as the tractors! He can sit alone in the lawnmower for long stretches and pretend to drive it while Tonya works nearby in the yard.

We got the opportunity to meet the new chicks at our neighbor's chicken farm this month. We were tickled as Josiah chased the chicks around and tried to pick them up by their heads! Tonya had to rescue several from certain death! Being gentle with animals is something we are still working on with him!


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

I love the picture of Josiah and the little yellow chicks. As he gets older, he might try to baptize them. Tommie and Kenny use to baptize farm animals as they were growing up.


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