Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 2007

Spring has sprung this month! Josiah started out April wearing winter clothes due to a surprise cold snap, but after a season of cabin fever finally got to play outside again! This month he discovered Kris' rocking chair he recieved his first Christmas, and likes to rock himself and feel big!

Friends of the family have recently started raising pigs, and invited us to come over the day they got their first 1000 piglets! Josiah was very curious and liked petting those who were brave enough to come near him!

Josiah recieved his second hair cut just before Easter. Kris' cousin Ashley did a great job moving with our little "squirmy worm" as he investigated what was buzzing behind his ears!

Easter Day was also Kris' mom's birthday! We had a double celebration after church. Josiah never minds the spoiling he gets from the whole family when we all get together.

Two expectant families! Kris and Kyle have a lot of wife to take care of these days, but are doing a great job jumping in and helping when we need it. Tonya is almost into her 3rd trimester, and Leah is only 8 weeks away from her due date! Both baby cousins are doing great!

Josiah has recently become obsessed with tractors, trucks, and riding lawnmowers! He grunts, cries, points, and screams until he can get a ride with Daddy. We have decided he definitely has Dixon farm blood in his veins!

When Kris plants or runs fertilizer in the fields, he sometimes takes Josiah with him until his next nap time. Josiah has never complained about being stuck in a car seat for one or two hours at a time!

Here is our happy boy playing with the camera. He loves to be a ham and immitates noises and expressions we make, and tickles back when we play with him. He still isn't walking on his own yet, but it won't be long!

"I LOVE strawberries!" Josiah loves strawberries almost as much as his mommy and daddy! Tonya got to pick over 10 lbs on the first day of the berry picking season, and Josiah is enjoying the fruits of her labor!

"I love driving!" "Once I can figure out how to reach the accelerator, I"ll be taking over Daddy's job!"
Time to mow! Great-Grandad Dixon couldn't resist giving in to Josiah's request for a ride on the lawnmower. This is going to be a great Spring!


At 7:29 PM, Blogger kd said...

i loved seeing all the pictures that I just got to hear about! A strawberry eating man, I knew I liked him! Thanks for calling!

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

These are great pictures. I think Josiah definitely has the Dixon farm blood in his system. I know the family enjoys him.


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