Monday, September 17, 2007

Micah's second month (August 21-Sept 16)

Micah waves hello to all his online friends and family! He has grown in leaps and bounds this month, moving into 3-6 month clothes and a bigger cloth diaper size too! His smiles usually greet us after a feeding or good nap.

The nursery now has a new resident, and Josiah has moved into his "big boy" bedroom that has lots of tractors in it! Josiah adjusted quickly to the transition, to our relief! It is nice having our boys in their rooms and having our bedroom to ourselves again! Micah sleeps very well at night now, getting up just once, and lately sleeping until 6:45 or 7:00!

We had a cookout for the Sunday School class Kris is now teaching, consisting of single and married young adults. Two of the women have sons who had lots of fun with Josiah in the yard. Josiah was especially excited about the bubble blowing toys they brought with them!

When Micah was 7 weeks old, we applied for his passport, since we plan to take another mission trip over the winter this coming year. We ended up using a picture taken at Wallgreens instead of this one though!

When Micah was about 5 weeks old we took him on his first combine ride. He slept through most of it though.

Here is Kris with Micah after his exciting ride!

Josiah is growing more and more attached to his little brother. He tries to play with him by putting toys in his crib or carseat, or in this picture, rolling his toy tractors over his head! Micah didn't appreciate it too much so Tonya had to stop the game.

This month Micah has become more curious about the world around him. He watches us when we pass by and loves staring at anything bright or colorful. He smiles when we play with his toes too!

Our friends from North Carolina, Chris and Maria Worner, came for a visit over Labor Day weekend. Chloe, their 5 yr. old daughter, got along amazingly well with Josiah and we laughed as we watched him follow her around like a little brother. Here she is "reading" him a book.

Here is the whole family. They are expecting a baby boy in December too!

After work, Kris gets to come home to our "funny farm" full of noise and excitement. After putting Josiah to bed at 9:00, he spends an hour with Micah until his last feeding before bedtime so Tonya can pick up the house and take a shower.

Tonya doesn't get to be in many pictures since she is always the one taking them! Micah loves cuddling especially after feedings. We treasure these brief moments of time alone since Josiah is usually waiting to play afterwards!

Sometimes we have to make room for two boys on our laps, as in this case one night when Josiah missed playing with daddy while Micah was sitting with him.

We can't neglect Josiah this month! He is not growing fast anymore, but lately has learned many new words! Today he said "Ma baby Mock" (My baby Micah) as he patted him. Here he is eating his most messy, but tasty, meal: ravioli!


At 8:20 PM, Blogger kd said...

I can't wait to meet Micah face to face! And hopefully go to Kris' SS class! :)

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Marsha said...

Looks like Chloe got some good practice in with Josiah for the new baby brother expected in December. Very cute picture.

Micah is really growing. You have two precious boys.

Love and Prayers, Marsha Pearce


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