Monday, May 28, 2007

May 2007

"It's a boy!" This month we made public the news that Josiah is going to have a little brother! We are excited that there will soon be lots of little boys running around on the farm in the Dixon extended family. Tonya is in her 29th week in this picture and feeling great!

Josiah (aka "little stinker") is as mischevious as ever this month. He keeps finding new things to get into, like playing in the toilet, finding chords in outlets to pull on, taking books off of book shelves, and grabbing anything off of tables or shelves that he can reach or climb to! He took his first steps on May 4th but is still too stubborn to walk much more than a few steps at a time!

"I want" or "I do" are two of Josiah's favorite things to say. In mid-May he went from saying only a few words to trying constantly to communicate with us! He likes to play pretend and dress himself with his baby brother's clothes or mommy's apron and do fashion shows for all of us. Here he climbed into his brother's clothes drawer and is sorting through what he would like to wear next!

Mother's Day this year was a blast! Josiah is much bigger than he was last year and could participate in making Tonya feel special. When asked to "give love" he gives hugs and snuggles to family members and friends!

Here Josiah is picking out a flower for Mommy from a bouquet at church made for the mothers. Believe it or not, Tonya got the "youngest mother present" award at church!

Kris' family threw a baby shower for "L.B." since they were not able to with Josiah. It was called a "bare essentials" shower and she got lots of needed basic baby items that are needed for #2! We played several fun games and had delicious food!

These are all the gifts L.B. got at the shower. What a blessing!

Daddy's little helper is going at it! We are preparing the nursery to get a revision in decor. A border of the "leap frog" theme will be put half way up the wall and the bottom half will have pale yellow stripes painted on it. Josiah is pictured here helping make sure the tape marked off for painting is level. "Looks good Dad!"

Tonya got the joy of teaching a class in Vacation Bible School at church this year. She was prepared to teach a Hispanic class in Spanish, but unfortunately no Hispanics attended despite publicity in the area. Instead, she got 6 energetic 4th grade boys! They were a challenge, but much worth the investment in time and energy! Some of the kids who attended are doing the "Game Day Central" theme song with motions for their parents here.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

A boy! Congrats!

At 8:50 PM, Blogger brianwhitson said...

Congratulations!!! A couple more weeks!! Yahoo!! Have a great Fathers Day!!

Brian Kristin and Rhett


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