Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 2008

Yeah, we finally have good pictures this month! Josiah poses in the bathtub one night while playing with Micah. The boys always look forward to playing in the bubbles and squeezing water out of the squeeky toys!

When I see this picture I think of the pull-up commercial "Mommy, Wow..!" Micah isn't near potty training, of course, but loves to step on Josiah's potty to reach the sink. He finds everything climbable in the house and yard and gets as high as he can before he gets caught!
This month, since the weather is cooling off, we have started going to the local park about 9 miles away. Micah is big enough to climb the steps and go down the slides with a little guidance, and Josiah can play on anything by himself except the monkey bars! They love being active and playing until they are exhausted.

"Mommy, here I come!". Here's Josiah crawling through a tunnel in his favorite play yard in the park.

Swinging is easy with the boys now. They both get in and Tonya can push both at the same time!

Here are the four generations of first born Dixon men (plus Micah) in front of the new track tractor purchased this year.

Since Micah still takes around four hours of naps in the day time and sleeps 11 hours at night, he doesn't get to see much of Kris these days. This year corn harvest ended and bean harvest began immediately. Kris took him in the combine one night after dinner, since the field being harvested was behind our house, and they had some good bonding time! Micah is starting to really miss his daddy during the day and often pretends to talk to him on the phone!

Kris and Tonya celebrated five years of marriage this month! We got to see the movie Fireproof, go to a nice restaurant, and do a little shopping at Lowes for some materials for remodeling our "new" home. It was a very welcome time to spend together alone!


At 8:08 PM, Blogger brianwhitson said...

Hey Dixons,

Your children are beautiful! Congrats of five years. Ever in Southern GA come for a visit.



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