Friday, September 26, 2008

September 2008

How quickly September has flown by! The entire month has been taken up by corn harvest and working on two houses: Kris' parent's new home and old home. This hasn't slowed down Josiah and Micah though. Micah is running this month! He is into every and anything, leaving a trail wherever he goes. This picture was taken before bath time, when he was trying to get into the toilet and/or trash can when he got caught. He also likes to start the bath himself, a big "no no!".

We now have one room in our "new" home complete: the dining room! It is currently a sun room with an extra dining set in it, but we plan to have all our meals in it when we move in, probably in early November.

Since Mommy has been very busy, along with the rest of the Dixons this month, the boys have been getting down time at the TV. We watch Baby Einstein and John Deere movies over and over. Micah doesn't sit long, but when he does, they enjoy clapping and laughing to the movies together while Tonya gets cooking or cleaning done.

Here I come! Micah is tearing through the house with toys in hand. He chases Josiah everywhere, and when Josiah isn't around, he has even more fun because no one is fighting for the best toy! Doggie goes everywhere with him. He can't hold him when pushing a tractor, so he goes in the mouth instead!

Kris' parents had an Amish carpenter make their cabinets for their house. To install them, he had to come in his buggy for 1 1/2 hours (a trip for us would be 15 minutes!). Since taking pictures is against their policy, we just have a picture of Kris' mom talking to two of his young sons still sitting in the buggy who had come to watch.

Micah loves the outdoors, now that he can't scrape his knees crawling on the ground. He takes off in an instant towards anything that looks interesting, keeping Tonya on her toes. Josiah finds something to do and stays put, but not Micah!

We're sorry there aren't more photos to post this month! Things have been so busy, Tonya has forgotten to take pictures of the boys. We promise there will be more next month!


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