Monday, June 01, 2009

May 2009

May has been a month of rain, planting and growing! Because of continuous rains this spring, much of the corn had to be replanted. As for growing, Tonya is experiencing that in a big way! This picture was taken at 17 weeks. Still no weight gain, but baby is doing well and she is feeling better!

Josiah and Micah have enjoyed this time of the year very much! Not only do they get to play outside to their heart's content, but they often got to ride with Kris on the tractor while he was in the field. Here Josiah is going into the track tractor to help Kris replant some corn.
Micah has definately found a new love: sand! He plays in the sand box about half the time he's outside each day. It requires a lot of clean up when he comes in, but is worth it for the time Tonya doesn't have to watch him running all over the yard!

Josiah is VERY curious about his new baby brother or sister. He pats Tonya's tummy every day and talks to "sopapilla" (the nickname we gave him/her). He asks questions like "When you take a shower, does the baby get wet?" and "Does the baby pee pee and poo poo inside you?". He can explain how the umbilical chord works and understands about growth and development very well for his age too!

Micah is our little "stinker". He loves to get into trouble and then gives us a smile as if to say "I'm too cute to punish!" Here he has climbed on top his chair and is balancing with one hand on the wall while holding his beloved "doggie" with the other!

Tonya hosted a Mother's Day breakfast at her house on Mother's Day morning. Kris' grandparents, parents, and brother and sister in-law came to eat with us.

This is what the table looked like on Mother's Day. Tonya loves to host people, it's just not a regular occurence because of Kris' busy schedule.

Micah is falling in love with books, especially those he can sing or make noises to! He loves to copy sounds of animals and expressions characters make, and is always bringing us his favorites to read to him.

I think Micah looks a lot like Kris here! Kris made this type of expression in childhood pictures fairly often!

Josiah has Tonya' childhood smile here! People often tell us that he looks just like her. Here he is helping sweep the kitchen floor, a favorite chore. Micah comes behind with the dust pan to help sweep it up. It's great team work!

We had a Sunday School class cookout after church on the last Sunday of the month. It was so much fun to be around other families like ours and watch our kids play together while eating great food. Tonya is so excited about finally making lasting friendships with women after living in KY for 2 1/2 years!


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