Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009

Upon returning to Kentucky, we once again were followed by snow! We had about 6 inches, which melted in a couple of days.

March is an exciting month for Josiah, because his birthday is on the 14th! For his birthday this year, we bought him a cat from the local animal shelter. Her name is Mayo, and she is a very friendly, tolerant adult cat! We can't believe how much she puts up with from our boys! Josiah loves her, but also loves to tease her too.

Early March included lots of tree work in our yard. As of the 30th, we still have about 8 more trees to cut down, but several large ones between our house and Kyle's (Kris' brother) got pushed down by the farm's new track hoe on a Saturday. The January ice storm damage is still very evident everywhere we look in Western KY.

Josiah's birthday party was a big success! We had Kris' immediate family over for dinner and later had cake and ice cream. This birthday's theme was Bob the Builder. Josiah was more excited about his cake than anything else!

Here is Josiah's cake, made by Tonya (recipe on the internet!)

Josiah's biggest gifts for his birthday (other than Mayo the cat) was Thomas the Train tracks and buildings for his trains. He and Micah still love playing with the tracks every day!

Micah loves to play with Mayo too. She's not too crazy about his being rough with her, but still comes around to play often.

This month we had lots of tree work, (and still do!), but also had lots of landscaping work. Transplanting bulbs, planting new flowers, laying down mulch, weeding, putting out new edgers, and lots of TLC were needed for the several flower beds around the yard. Tonya's back is hurting often, but it's worth the sacrifice to see the results!

Josiah and Micah are always willing to lend a hand with the yard work. When the mulch arrived, they started filling up buckets so Tonya could dump them out!

Another big project this month has been the boys' new play yard! Kris and Tonya worked on it every night for over a week after the boys went to bed and we are pleased with the outcome. We had just placed it in its spot when the boys jumped on the ladder, ready to try it out!

Resting after a hard day's work. The boys love to fight over Tonya or Kris' laps at night. They are such good cuddlers! We know it won't always be this way, so treasure each moment. A week after Josiah's birthday, he potty trained himself in a matter of a few days! He demands we don't go in the bathroom with him and does all the clean-up by himself. We still have about one accident a day, but we are very proud of his progress!

Here is the play yard, almost finished (we still need to fix the edgers!). Note the track hoe still in the back yard!


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Jill Lengel said...

Great to see what you all are doing. Your boys look really sweet.
Jill Lengel

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Marsha said...

We always enjoy your pictures. The family is really growing up. You are so right, "Cuddle while you can".
In God's Amazing Grace and Love, Marsha Pearce


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