Monday, February 09, 2009

January/February 2009: Canada Trip, cont.

We are now well into our two month mission trip to Canada. Micah is getting used to his new temporary home, and is as much or more of a ham as he was before! He makes fish faces on command and even posed when the camera came out!

We had one Saturday that was completely free in January, so took the boys to an indoor amusement park in Toronto since it was in the teens that day and we couldn't do anything outdoors. For a low price we got a family pass to ride the attractions until the boys had to go home for naps. We had a blast!

This picture was taken when Micah was going on fumes. He looked asleep, but with his eyes open! He still seemed amused by his first ride on a carousel.

Josiah loved his carousel ride and was neighing like a horse the entire time!

Josiah got to ride more rides because he was tall enough, including a bumper car ride that he had the time of his life on!

Micah loved action rides too, especially the hot air balloon ride that we spun around in. Tonya almost got sick, but the boys couldn't get enough of it!

Josiah also had fun in bumper boats!

These brothers really love eachother (or maybe they are just cold because we live in a basement?).

We had dinner one evening with the Ramirez family, who go to the Sanctuary Church. Lorena made us authentic Guatamalan food and beverages which were very tasty, especially the tres leches (three milks) cake for dessert!

Lorena and Oto (and friend) giving Josiah a good tickling. They loved having the boys in their house since their daughters are grown.

Kris and a friend from Korea who he has been sharing with. He has had numerous opportunities to share with students from several countries and religious backgrounds, and we are excited to see what happens with the seeds that have been planted so far.

We take the boys to a reading hour at the local library and get to meet families from around the world.

Josiah and Micah, intently "reading" their books they picked out at the library.

Liz and Erik with their daughter Sarina, another family at the Sanctuary Church.

Josiah and Micah coloring on Josiah's bed. As they grow older, they are able to do almost every type of activity together.

A church worship service at the school gymnasium where we meet every Sunday morning. This Sunday we had around 50 in attendance, double of what it was a year ago!

Darcy and Aubrey, leading worship.

Lester and Kelly, working sound and power point every week.

Aubrey and Nishika, newly arrived from India. Aubrey returned to India last year to get married and brought her back with him just a week ago. We have enjoyed getting to know them.

Janet Verbeek with "her boys". She is a natural with kids!

When the weather is near or just above freezing, we get excited because it is warm enough to play outside! It has been in the 30's and will be in the 40's this week so we plan to have lots of play time!

Josiah on a slide, going down head first.

Our sweet boys.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

What sweet pictures of the boys. Looks like big boy, Kris, was having fun on the bumper cars too. Thanks for sharing with us. We love it.
Love and Prayers,
Tommie and Marsha Pearce

At 5:04 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Hi Tonya, it's great to see pics of the family, the boys are precious! I found you through Andy Bowen's website on what his students are doing now.

We are still in Obligado serving with the radio station. I still use the recipes that you gave me and Elena is faithful with the flannel graph!

Hugs and blessings to you,



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