Thursday, January 11, 2007

December 25th to January 8th

On Christmas Day, Josiah embarked on his first trip to Holland, Michigan, where he was greated by all of Tonya's extended family. Tonya's Grandma Breuker is sitting with him in this picture. None of Tonya's grandparents had an opportunity to meet Josiah until this trip.

Josiah's Great Grandpa Breuker loved to play horsey with him, and he loved it too! Josiah is Grandpa and Grandma Breuker's first great-grandson.

Josiah not only loved to sit with his Great-Grandma VanKampen, but also loved her cooking and toys!

This is a picture of Grandma VanKampen and all of her Great-Grandchildren. There will be at least three more in next year's Christmas get-together's picture!

Tonya's Grandpa Breuker restored this Dutch boy and girl for our front yard, to sit with our windmill and tulips next spring! We were very excited with this surprise gift!

Josiah and his cousin Sydney were like peas in a pod during the holidays. Since they are four months apart, they are very curious about eachother, so much that they pulled eachother's hair and faces a lot! We know that even though they live in different parts of the country, they will be good friends as they grow up. They are sitting with Tonya's parents in this picture.

Sooooo tired! Josiah was so worn out by the end of the last Christmas party in Michigan that he let his great Aunt Brenda rock him to sleep, letting Mommy and Daddy open the rest of his presents without him. After this party was over, we drove though the night to South Carolina, where we spent time with Tonya's parents and siblings for a few days (they followed behind us from Michigan the next morning!) Josiah slept all night as we expected, allowing us to make good time.

Tonya's brother Randy finally got to meet Josiah on this trip. He isn't completely used to being an uncle yet, but sure knows how to buy great toys for Christmas!

"Don't pull the ornaments!" Josiah's Grandma VanKampen lets Josiah play in the Christmas tree at her house, with supervision!

"Clippity Clap, Clippity Clap, I'm a pretty pony!" the song plays as Josiah rides his cousin Sydney's new rocking horse. His aunt Cathy enjoyed spending several days with her little nephew on this trip!

On New Year's Day, we travelled from Columbia to Raleigh to see old friends we knew from when we lived in North Carolina. We stayed with Tonya's old roomate from seminary, Emily, and her husband Ben. Their dog, Beasley, is not happy in this picture, because Josiah is chewing on HER toy!

We got to have lunch with Tonya's good friend Kim, who was about to celebrate her 30th birthday!

Josiah met Chris, Maria, and Chloe Worner at a meal we ate out with them also. They are good friends of ours from our old home church, Oak Grove Baptist.

Emily loved entertaining her smallest houseguest ever. He felt right at home too!

Our friends Daniel and Melora met us for lunch one day also. Melora was a summer volunteer who worked with Tonya in Paraguay in 2003. They are expecting their first child this May!

On January 4th, we staggered back home after another all night drive from North Carolina. Josiah was the most excited of all to get back to his house! His first day home he started walking with his high chair! Now he is cruising furniture and wants to take steps with help.

On January 5th, our good friends from Nepal, Abraham and Kamala, came to spend five days in our home. They are church planters in Western Nepal who also work for the m's there to help in countless ways. In addition to speaking at two churches in the area to gain prayer and financial support, they enjoyed sight seeing with Tonya and Josiah. Here we are with Kamala in front of the Ohio River in Padukah, KY.

Abraham did a wonderful job of bringing a Jesus centered message to our church in Pilot Oak. Many people's eyes were opened to the challenges and realities of spreading the good news in other parts of the world.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger The Worners said...

It was so great to see ya'll over the holidays! We will keep you in our prayers while you are out of the country!

Love to all 3,

Maria (and family)


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