Monday, May 29, 2006

Josiah's second month: moving to Nepal!

We left Bangkok, Thailand on April 12 for Kathmandu, Nepal. Getting on our flight was the biggest adventure. Thankfully Josiah slept through the entire ordeal, but we had to go through long lines and waits to end up running to the gate to get on the plane. We were very happy to arrive safely with all of our luggage!

Adjusting to the weather, pollution, new home and environment, and new people was a stress on little Josiah. He wasn't used to being bundled up at night and having so many people come and go out of his new home! When we arrived the nights were cold, so only his head peaked out of all his clothing when he slept.

The atmosphere in Kathmandu was much different when we arrived as well. We had several days of all day curfew within a week of arriving. The first couple weeks most stores were closed down in protest as well due to political tensions. This tank was stationed not far from our neighborhood to ward off protesters from blocking the main intersection here. It was a constant reminder of the potential danger we could encounter. However, when it could have gotten worse, decisions were made and now Nepal is more peaceful.

Josiah had to adjust quickly to meeting many new faces. At an Easter service we went to (which never was able to start due to protests) he made lots of Nepali friends. Everyone wanted to hold him and make comments about the "cute baby".

Our Didi, or house helper, Urmela got to meet Josiah after the protests were over as well. She is on a mission to spoil him rotten and always pushes to pick him up and love on him whenever there is an opportunity.

Josiah's favorite place is his changing table. He just loves being naked! He chatters, smiles and wiggles with joy whenever it is time to be changed.

Josiah's favorite toy during his second month was his mobile we bought in Thailand. He would always coo when it stopped to get our attention to wind it up and start it again.

Shortly after returning to Nepal, we were given the option to move to a new flat. Because Josiah's room was so small in the old flat and also because it was on the third floor which gets very hot in the summer, we decided to move nearby to a larger place on a first floor that was actually cheaper rent than the old place! We love it, and so does Josiah. He has plenty of room to "grow" in this bedroom!


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

We love watching you grow, Josiah. I think you look like your daddy in the picture on the changing table.


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