Thursday, October 26, 2006

September and October 2006

It's off to Nashville! After waiting two weeks, we received word that our shipped baggage from Nepal arrived in Nashville. An all day trip got us our belongings safely back to Fulton. We stopped half way to take a break with Josiah! He loves the country!

Josiah's Great Grandmother Mathis turned 90 this year and is so glad she has lived to enjoy getting to know her newest Great Grandchild.

Josiah is so used to having pictures taken that all we have to do is count "One, Two Three!" and he smiles on cue almost every time. When his Aunt Leah took this picture though, he had a different look for the camera!

After Kyle got a spiffy hair cut for a friend's wedding he and Leah pose with their favorite nephew

At 7 months Josiah sits up to play and enjoys exploring everything he can roll or scoot to.

Kris took a shot at feeding Josiah baby food one night and the baby food aparently won the fight. Josiah found it quite humorous though!

Kris hit the ground running with farm work when we returned from Nepal. He is busy cleaning off a tractor and the fertilizer spreader in this picture.

We shared about Nepal one Sunday at the local church we have been visiting. Since Josiah didn't have any Nepali baby clothes that fit in his present size, we put him in a Chinese outfit instead!

Work on the house is slow and steady. One day was committed just to buffing the wood floors in several rooms. The whole Dixon family got into it!

One night we had dinner with long time family friends who also farm. Their grandaughter, Mia, is 1 1/2 months older than Josiah and made quick friends with him. They are going to be living just down the road from each other!

Hey folks! Watch me go! Josiah isn't crawling yet but still seems to move quickly when Mommy isn't looking. He really enjoys his new-found freedom!

We found a winter jacket for Josiah that matches the farm jacket Kris and his family wear. Like Father, like son!

It's autumn! Josiah "eats up" the colorful leaves that are on the lawn. We got him a pumpkin outfit to wear to the harvest fest at church. He could play in the dirt and leaves all day if we let him, a true blue boy!

Tonya and Josiah pose on a warm late October morning before church.

Josiah's Great Gran Dixon, who lives on the farm, gets to see him for short visits since he is living in her backyard temporarily! He enjoys having so many family members available to love on him continually!


At 10:39 PM, Blogger brianwhitson said...

Josiah is a cutey. We are still praying for you guys as you make your adjustment here in the states. Keep those pics coming. the Whitson :)


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