Thursday, September 14, 2006

July/August in Nepal

This month Josiah is experiencing more new firsts. He loves to play on his tummy and reach for objects by rolling to them. He also likes to be social by making strangers smile by giving them big grins!

Josiah loves to be with Mommy so he can cuddle. He is starting to cling more and gives funny kisses when his mouth is against people's cheeks.

Kris had the opportunity to spend 2 days in Nepalgunj and Bardia, a village area outside of the city. Here he is with his friend's parents in front of their house.

Kris visited a local Nepalgunj church plant while in town. The church met in this room.

This is Kris' friend's wife. She cooked him Nepali food that he really enjoyed!

This is Kris' friend, Hem. He is working hard to start new works in Bardia and other villages surrounding Nepalgunj, many of them consisting of the same people group we are focussing on. Kris was able to start a partnership with him and our company so that he and others on our team may begin trainings for him and new leaders who work under him.

While Kris was away to Nepalgunj, Josiah and Tonya stayed home and led life as usual. Josiah went to town eating cereal at 4 1/2 months and always opens his mouth to grunt for more before Tonya gets a chance to spoon it out of his bowl!

Even though Kris stays busy, he always finds time to give "zerburts" to Josiah, who giggles while receiving them.

By 5 months Josiah can sit briefly by himself without support. He is very proud of himself in this picture!


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