Thursday, February 16, 2006

Life in Nepal, November and December 2005

After monsoon rains end, there is a window of opportunity on clear days in October to January to see a gorgeous view of the Himalayan mountains from Kathmandu. From our front porch, we never grew tired of seeing views like this.

Praba, Tonya's language tutor has come 5 days a week to our home to teach. She is Hindu.

Kris' language helper, who is a believer from the "T" people group, came with his wife and son to our home the day after Christmas to celebrate with us. They are the first people we have met from the "T" peoples. It was a special pleasure to have them in our home.

We celebrated Christmas with a live Christmas tree. Pine trees are a rare find in Kathmandu, so we were very excited to find it! It will be our family tree and will grow with us as we live in Nepal.

Tonya invited some friends' homeschooled children to our home to bake Christmas cookies. It was a fun, but somewhat chaotic afternoon!

This is Josiah's nursery upon completion. The carpenter we used had never made a crib, rocking chair, or changing table (not shown) before, but we were very pleased with the results. His room will have a John Deere theme, appropriate for his family background!


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Mom D said...

Josiah is surely a blessed child to have you as his parents and a room like this for his own. We pray every day for his safe, healthy arrival and an easy time for Tonya. And for you Kris to not panic. We love you and miss you.

Mom and Dad D

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Diney said...

Josiah is beautiful! He is going to love his room, but most of all he'll love his mommy and daddy. We already love him and are so excited for ya'll and the NEW grandparents!! I love the picture of him in his John Deere cap and booties - it's on my desk. Aunt Nell was showing pictures at church last night and everyone agreed he's a handsome young lad. Congratulations!!!

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Diney said...

Josiah is going to look even more beautiful in this precious room! Thank you so much for the picture of him in his John Deere booties and cap. We love him already!


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